Updating the navigation system software in a 2016 nissan altima

12-Sep-2015 06:02

Their website doesn't seem to mention anything about available maps, the maps were out dated when I bought the car, and there doesn't seem to be anything online about it.

It seems odd that this feature wouldn't be supported by Nissan in Australia... To be honest, as per advise above, contact your dealer or buy a Garmin GPS with lifetime warranty.

Just your the inbuilt for appearance apart from that, going out far I would never rely on them.

+1 They are usually expensive to update or support is dropped for a certain model gps after a couple of years.

thanks guys, that's a bit sad :( The reason I prefer inbuilt GPS is they don't just use GPS.

GPS is used to sync every now and then, but otherwise they use the cars sensors to keep track of the heading and speed of the vehicle.

Look cool but in the long term they usually are a pain.

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There is a map update feature built into my car (2012 Maxima) but as far as I can tell, they have no sort of ongoing support.

They have free updates and it is with you no matter where you are or what you are driving.

Full Australian maps are loaded into your phone so no internet is ever needed.

Makes them much more accurate, faster updates, and less prone to drop-out then standard GPS, even function through tunnels where normal GPS would fail.

Might contact my dealer and see how much money they want to try to scam I just got rid of my Xtrail, which was just getting to 3 years old.When we first bought it I noticed the maps were already outdated.