Updating the vmm pxe boot image

30-Jan-2016 05:02

I know many of you are preparing for deploying OS’s using MDT 2010/2012 or try to capture an image of an OS, and most of the times you are successful.

However, there are the non-lucky ones, that have hardware in their company that is not 100% compatible with your deployment tools.

I’m sure we’ve all been in the situation where we have our out of the box Boot.wim, try to do a bare-metal install through VMM and get stopped because the NIC, storage drivers, etc aren’t recognized.

After updating the Win PE we tried to do a new bare metal deploy and this time we had no issues with the certificate.You know…every time you have to install an OS, you have to search for drivers on the vendor page because the drivers are not included on the installation media.And then i used Power Shell to update the VMM Win PE that resides in the WDS, this because their environment had new HP blades and i needed to add a nic driver.If you do not need to add anything to the winpe you can right click on the VMM console and the PXE and you find a selection “Update Win PE Image” this will use an image from the WAIK installed on the VMM Server.

Today I was at a customer and upgraded their VMM 2012 from RC to RTM.

We got an issue when trying to run a bare metal deploy after the upgrade, at first we did not understand what was causing the error, but my suspicion was on the winpe that was published by VMM in the WDS PXE.