Updating the witcher

21-Jun-2016 02:49

Below you’ll find the links to all our guides; just pick the one you need, find the information you’re looking for, and go back to playing the game.We are constantly updating the guides to make sure you have everything you need in order to enjoy Geralt’s final adventure.What is the best way to start building your character? To help you on your journey through the World of the Witcher 3, we have compiled a list with all the guides we have done so far.If you’re wondering who to romance, which skill to invest in, or how to craft a particular potion, we’ve got you covered.

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I was originally trying to give another atmospheric and immersive feeling to the game.Fixed bugs and changes:-Changes the wichersense camera-Minor changes to all camera angles-The update includes 2 presets: an improved Original and a new zero tint Experimental preset I have been working for a while which is shown on the video below you guys most try..New angles for all cameras for better immersion and balance New swimming cameras new adaptive cameras for stances New focusmode first person when walking New more intense Ard visual effects for all collisions New more intense Igni visual effects New rebalanced presets New camera shake intensity tweaks Better casting cameras Improved barrel explosion effects Much more I don't remember Welcome guys.Please know that this preset is demanding, expected FPS hit is around 5-10 with both the preset and the customized graphics setting.

The game runs at 45-50 on a GTX 980 with the included Uber Graphics settings. This mod is meant to give you the immersive feeling that the game is missing along with some visual cinematic Changes that should beautifully compliment the game's rendering engine.

I managed to reworked nearly all camera angles to make the camera fully dynamic both on foot or when mounted on Roach.

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