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Specifically, the demo application is a fictional website used by numerous law firms to manage their clientele. The Protected Sub dv Add Attribute_Item Inserting(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. the following screenshot shows the Details View control in action.

The application uses both a fixed and dynamic data model for law firms to manage their clients. All law firms have these fixed attributes available to them. Validation controls are present to ensure that the user enters a name and sort order for each new attribute, and that this sort order is a numeric value between 1 and 100. NET's data source controls be sure to read Inserting Data.

Now imagine that a user changes the name of this attribute from "Active Client" to "Inactive Client." One option would be to allow a user to modify the data type (or name) for any attribute that does not have associated values.

Now imagine that the attribute type is changed to Boolean.

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Another potential issue can arise if the attribute's name can be modified, which is allowed in this demo application.Consider a Boolean attribute named "Active Client," and that dozens of clients have this value set to either True or False.The custom client attributes for each law firm are stored in a database table named folder that implemented both our application's data model and the schema necessary for the Sql Membership Provider. Connection String Dim my Command As New Sql Command my Command. Command Text = "SELECT Customer Id FROM Extended User Info WHERE User Id = @User Id" my Command. Add With Value("@User Id", User Id Value) my Connection. This Grid View is populated via a Sql Data Source control named SELECT Dynamic Attributes For Clients. Customer Id = @Customer Id) ORDER BY Dynamic Attributes For Clients. Attribute Name Protected Sub Custom Attributes Data Source_Selecting(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. This restriction is in place because once an attribute is in use and has values for clients changing the data type can cause the existing values to become corrupt.In the demo available for download at the end of this article you'll find that I have added many user interface aspects, including: page we need to list the custom client attributes. Sql Client Public Class Helpers 'Returns the Customer Id associated w/the currently logged on user Public Shared Function Get Customer Id For Logged On User() As Guid Dim User Id Value As Guid = Guid. Get User() Is Not Nothing Then User Id Value = Membership. Provider User Key End If Using my Connection As New Sql Connection my Connection. Dynamic Attribute Id, Dynamic Attributes For Clients. Consider a custom attribute named "Reason for Law Suit" of type String.

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This article is the second installment of a four-part series that examines how to build a data-driven web applications that offers dynamic user interfaces. Details View Insert Event Args) Handles dv Add Attribute. While a vanilla Text Box is sufficient for some inputs, it is less than ideal for those inputs that require some sort of validation logic or would be best captured using an alternative data entry Web control. The inserting interface should let the visitor choose the new attribute's data type from a drop-down list rather than requiring them to type in an ID value.

Over the course of this article series we will build a complete and functional web application with a dynamic, data-driven user interface. Get Customer Id For Logged On User() End Sub see the Examining the Data Source Control's Events article in my Accessing and Updating Data in ASP. In addition to viewing the dynamic client attributes, visitors need to be able to add new attributes. One of the easiest ways to insert data into a database from a web page is to use a Details View control in tandem with a data source control that is configured to support inserting. Likewise, the inserting interfaces for the inputs should include validation logic since these are both required fields.