Updating with yum

16-Feb-2015 01:55

These metadata are combined with information in each package to determine (and resolve, if possible) dependencies among the packages.The hope is to avoid a situation known as dependency hell.The yum (Yellowdog Updater Modified) utility is included with RHEL/Fedora/Cent OS for the management of software.It is an interactive, automated system for maintaining systems using RPM.displays a list of all dependencies and the packages that provide those dependencies. A separate tool, Yum automatically synchronizes the remote meta data to the local client, with other tools opting to synchronize only when requested by the user.Having automatic synchronization means that yum cannot fail due to the user failing to run a command at the correct interval.

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Yum is implemented as libraries in the Python programming language, with a small set of programs that provide a command-line interface.As a full rewrite of its predecessor tool, Yellowdog Updater (YUP), yum evolved primarily in order to update and manage Red Hat Linux systems used at the Duke University Department of Physics.

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