Updating your database development Free sex video chat room america

19-Jan-2015 07:47

You'll have to ensure that both files are properly configured (different DB servers and/or tables and/or table prefixes).

In addition, you'll have to change the database itself in two entries.

It is used by packages like W3 Total Cache for similar reasons.

TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio is editing software for TIBCO Jasper Reports®.

(This is only a good idea provided you don't expect the development site to wreck the main one's DB.) The crux of what we want is that instead of the true DB values, the development site thinks it gets a modified value for , so we can focus on that.

strcasecmp(substr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 0, 5), '/dev/') == 0) { return " } } // otherwise act as normal; will pull main site info from db ; the filter can be safely defined there.

(However, this is perhaps only halfway towards "not core" code.) Check if you already have an existing wp-content/before trying this technique.

If your development site and development homepage are both " then the DB changes you'll have to do are: You will have to redo these modifications each time you copy the database from one place to another.

There's also a simple hack that doesn't require you to make a separate database, which can avoid a lot of synchronization hassle.

It will help you design and run report templates; build report que...

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