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There was a choice between fruit, devonshire, or cheese scones, followed by a selection of finger sandwiches.These were then elegantly assembled and brought to our table.You pick your scones and packaged sandwiches off the counter, take them to the till, and then the staff arrange everything for you.

When we went up to the bar, we were a little surprised to find that the Afternoon Tea was partially self service.By the time we arrived (two o'clock - just the right time for afternoon tea), half of these options were already sold out. They are packaged so as to keep the sandwiches fresh, but it also means that my mum and I had to have the same thing.Every now and then my mum and I like to treat ourselves to an afternoon tea.We have tried various places, including a hotel in Central London that made me feel uncomfortable because it was too posh and quiet, and Cannizaro House, which was exquisite, but costly at 25 a head.

As I don't drink tea, my mum was lucky enough to get both pots to herself. Fresh, fruity, and so thick I had trouble sucking it through a straw.I in the meantime bought an additional Iced Mango Smoothie for 2.50. The sandwiches were also good, but it was at this point that the self service method showed weakness.

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