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Strategic Planning Planning and Budgeting Activity-Based Costing Customer Management Product Profitability Performance Management Management Reporting Cost Reduction Business Process Transformation Change Management Project Management Training To manage this information overload, companies spend billions of dollars on software designed to give their employees better access to the information they need.

Such investments in enterprise portals, document management systems, and text retrieval technology give companies better ways to present information. Good presentation of information means focused information relevant to the decision making in progress at any time.

Large volumes of data are fraught with inconsistencies, errors and useless data.

In an ideal world this means that in designing a system, the specification should reflect all the questions which the output is expected to support.

For operational information this is possible, for decision support it is not quite so easy and for information from the Web, it is almost impossible.

Internal information should be consistent (but often isn't).

Understanding the source and reliability of data is vital to having the confidence to make informed decisions.

To reduce confusion when searching for information, we should know what tools are available and how to use them.

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In these circumstances ensuring the recognition of "quality" data which can be relied upon is key.In order to more effectively locate the "quality" information for decision making, there are a number of tools and centralized resources that might be useful.