Validating pcie 2 0 is enabled

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validating pcie 2 0 is enabled-6

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Each IO module has three ports, numbered 0, 1, and 2.Table 3-1 identifies these ports as either ”top” or ”bottom” ports, for ports in the upper and in the lower IO module respectively.Caution: Electronic equipment is susceptible to damage by static electricity.Use a grounded antistatic wrist strap, foot strap, or equivalent safety equipment to prevent electrostatic damage (ESD) when you install or service the system.Other than the green and yellow Cat-6 cables, the cables are all black, but have colored labels at each end that match the references to cable colors in the text and the label colors on the back panels. Table 3-1 identifies these slots as PCIe slot 1, PCIe slot 2, and PCIe slot 3, which matches the numbers on the labels reading from left to right.The storage shelf back panel has two IO modules, one located above the other.

Also match the cable colors to the background colors of the socket identification labels.If you are unable to use color coding, then use the callout numbers described in Table 3-1 to complete the cabling for Oracle Database Appliance with a single storage shelf.

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