Validating persistence model

12-Jul-2016 16:15

*/ @Id @Generated Value(strategy = Generation Type. /* Boilerplate getters and setters */ public Long get Id() { return id; } public void set Id(Long id) { = id; } ...For those of you who prefer to watch and learn, the included videos show you how we performed all the steps.* */ private String description; /* Boilerplate getters and setters */ public String get Description() { return description; } public void set Description(String description) { this.description = description; } @Override public String to String() { return description; } } Using an ORM introduces additional constraints on object identity.Defining the properties that make up an entity’s natural identity can be tricky, but is very important.Using the object’s identity, or the synthetic identity (database generated primary key) identity can introduce unexpected bugs into your application, so you should always ensure you use a natural identity.After training a scikit-learn model, it is desirable to have a way to persist the model for future use without having to retrain.The following section gives you an example of how to persist a model with pickle.You can read more about the issue at And Hash Code.

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If you want to know more about these issues and explore other possible serialization methods, please refer to this talk by Alex Gaynor. Now it is time to begin working on the Ticket Monster application, and the first step is adding the persistence layer.After reading this guide, you’ll understand what design and implementation choices to make.Topics covered include: The tutorial will show you how to perform all these steps in JBoss Developer Studio, including screenshots that guide you through.

We’ll also review a few security and maintainability issues when working with pickle serialization.This should make it possible to check that the cross-validation score is in the same range as before.

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