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Vegetarian restaurant reviews, descriptions, ratings and maps will help you find the best vegetarian cuisine in Calgary & Area, Alberta. If so, please search our tourism directory to ensure your company information is up to date and accurate.

Also featuring multiple veggie-burger options, this closet-sized diner will set you up with any of three meat-free taste sensations.

There’s the Mexi-influenced black-bean burger, the vegan burger featuring a patty of brown rice, veg and oats, as well as a chick-pea and fava-bean falafel burger topped with hummus.

Locating a good veggie burger in a beef town like Calgary hasn’t always been easy, but the options are multiplying.Some enlightened restaurants now even serve more than one meatless burger (gasp! One would expect a great veggie burger at Calgary’s most venerable vegetarian destination. Within its big, organic focaccia bun hides a patty crafted of smoked tofu, cashew nuts, yam seeds and roasted garlic.Comes with choice of yam fries, soup du jour or salad.Calgary vegetarians know it can be hard to find a decent non-meat burger close at hand.

Not only does National have multiple city locations, they all feature a moist but not meaty veggie burger.

Its house-made patty rides a brioche bun topped with avocado, sprouts and more. This friendly, wee burger hut serves big, beautiful beef stacks with fries and onion rings on the side, Boogie’s one concession to our health-conscious times is its Shroom a le-Gume.