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08-Jan-2016 22:36

I also connected with a girl from Thailand, and we struck up a friendship. I was surprised that she only had fifty friends on her Facebook and when I asked her about this, she said she wasn’t a big Facebook user.This pleased me since I don’t really dig girls whose noses are buried in their cell phones, constantly updating their statuses in their eternal quest for Facebook “Likes”. We finally met face to face when I arrived in Chiang Mai four months ago. This post is not a bitch session, nor am I writing it to degrade good women in Thailand. Despite this, however, things went South very quickly.

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Halloween was also rapidly approaching, so I invited her and her sister out.

Like many Thai girls, she brought someone along, her sister.

I wasn’t surprised by this and was actually glad: if she was willing to bring her sister, it must have meant she was serious.

We exchanged Line user IDs during our first meeting.

In case you don’t know, Line is the most popular instant messenger in Thailand.Yet I found it odd that she would check-in for the first time on Facebook in the two years I’d known her. An hour later, she went to the bathroom and left her cell phone on the table in front of me.