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The Virginia Beach criminal attorney you select for your representation will affect the results of your case.

Other factors involved include the length of time since abandonment, whether or not there was contact between the married parties and the nature of that contact, and whether or not the married parties have children together.

There are two types of divorce in Virginia -- a divorce from bed and board (commonly called a legal separation) and a divorce from matrimony.

For almost a decade, I have successfully helped hundreds of individuals who were in the same situation and went through the exact same thing as you are facing now. Call me, or one of our Virginia Beach criminal attorneys, and tell us about your case.

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Abandonment is grounds for divorce in most states, Virginia included.

Abandonment or desertion is considered a traditional fault-based divorce, while constructive abandonment is a no-fault divorce.

We’ve answered calls at 1 o’clock in the morning; and we’ve answer calls while out of town on a Sunday. Our Virginia Beach criminal attorneys provide unparalleled legal representation for clients facing felony and misdemeanor criminal charges, as well as traffic issues, both simple traffic infractions or criminal traffic offenses.

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Garrett Law Group, PLC has a reputation for providing quality representation and legal advice to all of our clients and getting results that are just and proper.(See our results) Every criminal case is unique to each criminal defendant.Our Virginia Beach criminal lawyers tailor each defense to the needs of each individual client.The skill and knowledge of our criminal defense lawyers will help you obtain the best result possible, whether that be by negotiating an acceptable plea or preparing for a jury trial.

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I am Virginia Beach criminal attorney James Garrett.I am the founder of Garrett Law Group, PLC and I represent individuals who have been arrested and charged with criminal and traffic offenses in Virginia Beach and the surrounding Hampton Roads area.