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27-Nov-2015 22:07

“It’s the same population that likes to go see romantic comedies,” says Max Joseph, co-host of MTV’s “Catfish,” which investigates Web romances to find out whether the people involved are legit.

(They’re often not.) “Anyone who believes in love and wants it to happen to them is susceptible.” Robert Epstein, a senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, understands the feeling firsthand.

Just look at Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o, who became smitten in 2009 when a woman “pursued him” on Facebook and then suddenly “died” in September 2012.

It turned out the woman was invented by a friend of his — and Te’o fell for an avatar, leading to nationwide scorn and ridicule.

On their first date, set up through a mutual friend, Jackie Curtiss and Rob Matz met at a cowboy bar in Vancouver.

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That is, virtual roof jumping, as well as virtual hugging in virtual Vancouver, because Matz and Curtiss met in Utherverse, a popular online 3-D universe where players interact in virtual cities, bars and, well, do pretty much anything else you can do in the real world, including have virtual sex.

RELATED: 5 WARNING SIGNS YOUR ONLINE CRUSH IS A FRAUD “We lived together pretty much since the moment we met in a virtual sense,” says Matz, 28.

They downed some drinks, hugged and fell for each other instantly.

For their next date, Matz wanted to really stun her, so instead of going to a movie, they climbed to the top of a building and went roof jumping.

People wondered out loud: How could someone like Te’o — a good-looking star athlete at a top-tier school — fall in love with a picture?Experts say it can happen to anyone, and it’s happening more often these days — especially to dreamer types who make easy targets.

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