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28-Apr-2016 04:10

Since the virtual child is a computer generated model, she should easily be rendered as a she or a he, at any age and from any region. Let me start with "I'm not an attorney and this is not legal advice." This is strictly my understanding as someone who runs an online service and is legally required to report any child pornography that people upload to my site.

All the programmers would need to do is give the rendering engine a different virtual model and a base set of facts to represent the child, such as a name, age, likes, dislikes, and background cover story. (This is the one part of this job that I really hate. But I love it when law enforcement officers inform me that they are going to make an arrest.) During the few weeks between when I decided to run an online service and when Foto Forensics went live, I was asking plenty of attorneys and law enforcement officers about my responsibilities in case people upload porn.

She can be used to work hundreds of cases at the same time and she can interact in real time (no long waits for a custom photo to be edited).

According to the report, Sweetie managed to attract 20,000 child predators in 10 weeks.

The basic predator-sting approach used by law enforcement really hasn't changed in over a decade. Having him say he'll be there suggests intent, but having him show up seals the deal for various attempted child endangerment and sex offender charges. The net result is that law enforcement officers need serious training and resources.

They need to know pop culture for kids, age-appropriate slang, common abbreviations, school schedules, and more.

Security Internet Storm Center Krebs on Security Bruce Schneier Tao Security Images Photo Stealers Photoshop Disasters Worth1000 CG Society Awkward Family Photos Unsplash Debunking News i Media Ethics Poynter Doubtful News Debunking Politics Fact Check Politi Fact Debunking Other Snopes Hoax-Slayer Unnecessary "Quotes" Math with Bad Drawings Earlier this week, a couple of friends (M., S., and TT.) sent me an article about "Sweetie", the virtual 10-year-old girl. If you say "One Direction" and can name the band members and recite their songs, then you're probably a kid.

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(These officers are amazing -- and they have no problem relating to kids because they totally understand them.) Then pedophiles took the next step, asking for photographic proof. " Later this evolved to more complicated requests: "Can you take a picture of your room? " I've met officers who use young-looking models for photos, green screens, and much more sophisticated technologies for interacting with suspects. A single law enforcement officer might be working a dozen cases, but probably only interacting with one or two suspects at the exact same time. It is an interactive system for chatrooms that appears as an online child.

Since it chatted online like a child, it attracted pedophiles. It has strong communication skills, but no visual component.

Sweetie, the virtual girl, takes online interaction to the next level and addresses both of the law enforcement issues.

(That's an average of 285 per day.) And the predators came from all over the world.

Although each of the news reports identify Sweetie as looking like a 10-year-old girl from the Philippines, I would be surprised if that is how "she" always looks.

(I'm making this sound a lot easier that it likely is, but it's all very doable.) Even the background scenery could be computer generated. And in this case, 20,000 pedophiles have already lost this test. Unfortunately, many of them gave me contradicting advice.

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