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Perhaps the most extreme example of a paparazzi assaulting a celebrity is the conspiracy surrounding the death of Princess Diana in 1997, where many assume that her fatal car accident was caused by a paparazzi car.

On the other end of the spectrum, celebrities have done their fair share of assaulting the paparazzi.

Ironically, paparazzi aid the professional lives of celebrities while interrupting their personal lives.

It's both fascinating and horrific that their actions cause so many celebrities (and in some cases, their bodyguards) to reach the edge of tolerance and lash out.

We don't promote paparazzi attacking celebrities or celebrities attacking paparazzi.

For every moment a celebrity attacks a paparazzi, there is often another photographer there to capture it.

Oftentimes, multiple witnesses are on the scene, and in some cases, an assaulted paparazzi will call the police to file a report, sue the offender, and make a profit.

The word "paparazzi" originates frompappataci" is Italian for small mosquito).

They inhabit a weird form of postmodern journalism that's seen as both despicable and a part of the system of media we indulge in.

Paparazzi have an inexcusable history of invading the privacy of celebrities, whether it be waiting outside their homes or cars or sneaking into their hotel rooms.

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