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25-Apr-2015 12:19

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As the “Official Morgan Corinthos” Facebook page details, things will look dire for Sonny.Lexi Ainsworth is returning briefly as Kristina Davis, seemingly to visit her father as Sonny is very close to death, and that should be happening soon.

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left fans hanging at the end as a fan favorite character was once again in a precarious position.Is there about to be a big farewell to a Port Charles staple character, or will he live to fight another mob war?While it may take a bit for Corinthos to recover, spoilers point toward good news for Sonny fans.It seems that Sonny and Carly will get another chance at a wedding, as teasers indicate that they will get married while he’s still in the hospital.

That doesn’t mean that Sonny will be entirely out of the woods as they wed, but he does pull through this initial crisis.

spoilers indicate that this latest shooting will leave Jake worried for Carly’s safety, and some wonder if this might help propel Jake to finally regain his memory.