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If you've dated in the Christian circle for any length of time, you, too, probably have humorous stories as well as scars.

As there’s no book in the Bible with a dating how-to, the “biblical dating” we strive for actually doesn’t exist—we’ve been left to our own devices to figure it out.

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And churches haven’t always done the best job helping us get there.Like many parts of faith, Christian dating culture is home to many double standards.Mutual friends were excited that a boy and I were planning on hanging out one on one—so excited, in fact, they started brainstorming our wedding hashtag. I also remember feeling shamed by my Bible study for not having set strict physical boundaries with a guy—by our second date.Later, I went through a rather public breakup, and people within the church constantly asked me what happened—not out of care or concern, it felt, but out of a desire to know the details, to be able to better decide which side to take as our community severed.

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Read More A few years ago, I had just started "talking" to a guy from church, and I told him we should keep things on the down low.

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