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22-Oct-2016 16:59

Donna Simpson currently weights 320 kilos, and as one would expect, she’s on a diet.

As one would never expect, though, she’s on a diet to gain weight. Her goal is to become the heaviest person on earth at 460 kilos (1012 pounds! Below is a picture of her at the current weight: Having such an eccentric goal sure must raise the curiosity of other people, right?

Cassidy Wolf's interview with Anderson Cooper comes as an international crackdown by the FBI and police in 19 countries has brought more than 90 arrests in what authorities say is a serious strike against 'creepware'.

The sweep, a two-year operation, was coordinated so suspects didn't have time to destroy evidence and included the arrest of Swedish hacker Alex Yucel, a co-creator of Blackshades, the cheap and accessible software used to hijack computers remotely.

The woman was quite clever to figure that out, and she created a membership site (Official Donna where people pay a monthly fee to watch videos and view pictures of she eating, going to the supermarket and doing other daily chores.

According to the Daily Mail she has almost 500 subscribers and makes around 00 per month, so 0,000 per year. Now that she is being featured all over the place I am sure her numbers will sky rocket as well.

'I didn't realize this could happen': Cassidy Wolf, 19, speaks with Anderson Cooper about her 'sextortion' ordeal on Monday night, after her computer was hacked and a boy from her school secretly watched her via webcam for one year Wolf was sent an email containing a series of photos of herself changing, with Abrahams demanding better-quality photos, video and a five-minute sex show on Skype or he would make the images public, threatening to ruin her beauty pageant chances.

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If you have been involved with websites or Internet marketing for a while you probably already heard that membership sites represent one of the best business models online, right?If anything I guess the story I am sharing today will confirm this….

It’s possible – if you are over the age of 17 – that you still don’t know what Snapchat is. The service has become notorious because some have touted it as a way of safely “sexting” and sharing naked pictures.… continue reading »

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