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09-Oct-2015 23:24

Through the power of James Cameron’s special-effects sorcery, you lose yourself in the hypnotic colors and cadences of this majestic new world, ego subsumed in bioluminescent wonder, sense of self humbled and transformed by an enchanting, nurturing, all-encompassing immanence.

Then the lights turn on in the theater, and you find that your sneakers are sealed fast to a Pepsi-sticky floor.

Pandora is inhabited by a species of sapient humanoids known as the Na’vi.The Na’vi—twelve feet tall, big-eyed, blue-skinned, beautiful—move through their forested biosphere like dolphins cutting through open ocean.Metal is everywhere, you’re standing in a strip mall, and tomorrow, you recall, you will have to go sit in a gray cubicle for eight hours, withering under the stuttering rays of fluorescent lights.The Earth is vile, human beings are worse still, and Eywa is nowhere to be found.

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You exit the building, and step out not onto pure soil, but filthy, ungodly concrete, littered with cigarette butts and plastered with rotten splotches of discarded chewing gum.Fumes from arrogant cars fill your lungs, and the snow on the ground is leprous with oil and other toxins from off the street.