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03-Dec-2015 14:08

Sex work has become a way out of generational poverty for us and our families that also boosts the country’s wealth.We are making a choice between the options available to us. Corrupt authorities use the law to make us pay for our human rights.As sex workers we earn at least double the minimum wage.

We become the bread winners and so make many of the big decisions for our families. As far back as 1998, the International Labour Organisation reported that we were sending 0 million home to rural areas each year, larger than any development project.

We are also the backbone of the tourism industry, which makes up around 10% of Thailand’s annual GDP.

Our work concerns are similar to those of other workers, e.g.

inadequate paid leave, lack of social security coverage, occupational health and safety. We work to pay taxes (including bribes to corrupt police), to finance the university fees of our brothers or the rental costs of shops for our sisters, and to cover any other emergencies.

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We make enough to support five other adults in our families.

The work can be hard and sometimes boring, but it is rarely the same. In the modern form of sex work in Thailand we apply for our jobs and are hired or rejected. There is no pimp, mafia, or gang – there is only the motorcycle taxi guy and the business manager.