What episode of glee does finn and rachel start dating

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It looks like Finn cares too much about his relationship with Will to let a mere kiss get in the way of their bromance, and furthermore, Will will try to win Emma back in the next few episodes. Dish your theories about Finn + Emma + Will in the comments, and try not to fly into a Finchel-induced rage while doing so.

Any when we say "win Emma back," we obviously mean that he serenades her in public places, causing everyone second-hand embarrassment and swoons while doing so.

His daughter's ballet teacher is someone he's known and loved since he was a teenager. Their night of spying on Shawn and Katy has changed things between Maya and Lucas in a way neither expected. Lucas and Maya were practically the talk of the school. They don't think Riley notices it happening, but she does. When Maya and Lucas's secretive interactions are too much for Riley to handle, she makes a choice that will change everything. The name of your soulmate etched into your skin between the ages of 2 to 16. Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry have always been the best of friends since high school... She has to change so many things and begins to realize what's important in her life and what she really needs to make her happy. Rated T for safety.**BEGINNING NEW STORY OVERHAUL** Originally posted in 2013, up to chapter 4 re-edited & complete- "He hits you doesn't he?

They loved each other, and they had been determined to stay together but they broke up once they hit college. Finn is a fireman in a tiny town in Tennessee called Littleton, and Rachel is a budding tv star, and dating Jesse St. What happens when Riley finds out about this secret? Will Maya's sudden spring of jealousy cause them to drift apart forever? The future, is far from the future she'd imagine while talking to her best friend at sleepovers.

She's trying to find a way to get back to the present day. They say they are just friends, but they know their something more on the inside. Set in between the episodes of Girl Meets World, season 2.

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Once they start digging, they find the victim was maybe not as innocent as first thought, but still, did he deserve to turn up dead? AU- Maya lives with her caring mother and verbally abusive father.Lucas Friar is a star boxer looking for a tough opponent for a charity match in the ring. Rachel, his wife, the love of his life, the mother of his child, had been kidnapped because of him. Sitting around and trying to come up with some plan that might not even work just wasn't in Finn's course of action. Rated for T for cursing and some sexual stuff coming later. You learn about soulmates before you're even able to walk. She's waiting until she's 18 to leave, but after one night's fight, she runs away, leaving her friends heartbroken (more inside) [angst/friendship/family]Maya gets the news and it changes everything.