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23-Apr-2016 10:19

All the men were lined up shouting, “Red rover, red rover, let Kimberly come over!” It became a challenge for me to walk down the street in public.

Ill-fitting business-shirt-and-tie-guy with spiky hair had a profile that read, “Works boring 9-to-5; drives sports car and listens to rap music; only pretends to work out at the gym; will make you feel like you’re his mother with all the nagging you’ll have to do.” V-neck T-shirt guy with buzzed hair and five-o-clock shadow’s said, “Excellent at both making eye contact and making out; will write decently beautiful songs about you; will randomly stop calling after three weeks of bliss.” College-football-hat guy’s says, “You’ll love my friends, I’m tons of fun to drink with, and I’ll make you feel like a queen because I think you’re so amazing. That was all he said, and that was his first contact with me. It would have been fun to write back, “I’m a hottie every day.

Then after a year I’ll decide we aren’t right for each other because the shine has worn off. Any man who’s opening line to you is, “What were you for Halloween, a hottie? For Halloween I was a mouse,” but I thought better of starting a chain of communication with this guy at all. If his emails are casual or informal, that’s one thing, but if he uses run on sentences, incorrect grammar, or uses the phrase “hangin’ with ladies,” then that’s beyond informal. Test Two: If you ask his favorite book and he can’t even name a book, he’s out.

A bar is a mess of a place to keep your head on straight with a problem like DPV.

I could not keep my attention on a conversation with friends when every person who walked by our table had such information readily available for me to read.

Save yourself now.” Wait, that was my last boyfriend. Anyway, here are a few things to keep in mind if you dare venture into cyber-searching for a mate, other than being wary of DPV. I also heard, “You have the most beautiful eyes, but I guess you can see that.” Delete. I once dated a guy who said, “I don’t care if my kids can read as long as they can throw a football.” I wish the online dating sites had an IQ test built in. Any man who posts a picture of himself doing bicep curls: Ignore. Write in your profile, “likes to work out,” or “avid weightlifter.” Even post a picture of yourself in a well-fitting T-shirt to show that you are in shape, —not something shiny or with the sleeves cut off, and not shirtless at the gym.

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