What is posturing dating

04-Oct-2016 08:23

What is more, when we pursue our wives emotionally and spiritually, that often sets the stage for intimacy in the bedroom. You have to be proactive in finding a babysitter, etc. When you don’t have kids, it’s a little bit easier, but still a good bit of work. Plan them early in the year, ask off for them early, and have a vacation every single year. Therefore, because we are men, and because we are husbands, and because no one else can pursue our wives for us, we need to begin to act like our marriages are the number one aims of our lives.Many people err on this, thinking they have to sit down and do exegetical bible studies with their wives and family every single morning, teaching them and equipping them, as a pastor would his church.Other people have called it quality time, as opposed to quantity time. Get in each other’s faces—just brush a little bit first.

There is an aspect of “love your wife as Christ loved the Church” in this thought, but I think it begins more with you, as the husband, and I think it ends with you, too. When it is real and genuine, and not out of obligation or duty, then your wife will follow suit.

Here’s what I mean: Before all else, focus on your relationship with Jesus, not your wife’s relationship with Jesus. When it feels more manufactured than anything else, then you need to reevaluate and go do some work with God.

So, have a fervent prayer life by yourself, and then go pray with your wife.

Get up early and get in the Word, and then read Scripture with your wife. My pastor, Trent Stewart, calls this face-to-face time.

Because dating and pursuing one’s wife is such an incredibly important issue, we are going to begin a multi-part series here at Manual encouraging you, urging you, and coming-off-the-top-rope-with-a-biblical-manhood-elbow-drop into you to challenge you to raise the bar in how you date and pursue your wife. There is no other relationship, in any other environment in this world, which so closely reflects Christ and the Church. As we move forward in this series, there will be some really good stuff to chew on, apply, and amen, so I don’t want to pave the road here that someone else is paving, but I do want to give you a few practical tips even in this beginning post about how we can begin to do work on the most prodigious pursuit of our lives. PURSUE YOUR WIFE SPIRITUALLY Above all else, pursue Jesus.There is no other replacement for you as a husband. From your pursuit of him, everything else will follow (Jn. The wrong thing to do here, I think, is to function as a pastor (or mentor) to your wife.

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