What is the difference between rowupdating and rowupdated

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Unfortunately, just as Release Candidate 2 for the Windows 2000 operating system was being released, Microsoft announced that for various reasons IMDB just wasn't ready for prime time and would not ultimately be a part of the Windows 2000 final release. NET incarnation of an in-memory, disconnected data model is only one part of the overall ADO. However, as MFC developers, we have plenty of data access technologies to pick from (MFC database classes, ODBC, OLEDB, ADO, DAO, etc.).

While many of us were very disappointed by this decision, what we could not have known at the time was that IMDB was taking a slightly different—and more powerful—form and being included into something then called NGWS (Next Generation Windows Services)—what we now know as . Therefore, this chapter will focus on the aspects of ADO.

I'll then illustrate several techniques for reading and writing data in batch in order to keep round trips to the data server to a minimum and dramatically speed up insert operations.

One of the key benefits of an IMDB is its support of the ability to search, sort, and filter data once it's been retrieved.

This technology—called IMDB (in-memory database)—promised to solve a host of problems associated with distributed database applications, as it meant that an application could connect to a data source, retrieve into memory the necessary data, disconnect from the data source, and then read from and manipulate the in-memory representation of the data without incurring constant round-trips to the data store or keeping the connection alive for long periods of time, thereby locking crucial data.

From there, you'll begin a section illustrating how to perform basic database operations (creating, reading, updating, and deleting of records).Therefore, the next section illustrates how to accomplish these tasks as well as how to create multiple filtered views on a single dataset.Included in that section are tips on handling the common issues of dealing with disconnected data and auto-increment primary keys, and how to specify primary key information for untyped datasets.The section ends with a fully functional MFC maintenance application using the ADO. At this point, you'll be fairly comfortable with the basics of reading and writing data to a disconnected data table.

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NET that we do not have—specifically the various classes that support the original concepts of IMDB.The chapter begins with a section illustrating the basic terminology and classes specific to ADO.