What is the legal age limit for dating in oregon

02-Feb-2016 19:45

It has a 3-year close-in-age exception to the age of consent, so the someone cannot be prosecuted if he is less then 3 years older then the minor.

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The relationship is serious, the parent of the 16yr female is supportive of the relationship.

It seems like the oldest battle between parents and their children: Mom and dad say, “They grow up so fast!

” Meanwhile the kids are always saying, “Not fast enough!

Oregon has a close-in-age exemption, also known as a "Romeo and Juliet law", to the legal age of consent.

This provision allows partners who are close in age to engage in consensual sex without fear of prosecution under the Oregon age of consent regulations.

” It’s the constant back-and-forth of when to treat our kids like adults.