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I'm sure with a Red Dot or scope it would be as good at 150-175 yards.

Such notables as “Buffalo Bill” Cody and Annie Oakley–not to mention countless cowboys, buffalo hunters and target shooters–also adopted some sort of Marlin as their gun of choice.

This is one of the best selling lever actions for a reason.

For a gun packing this much punch this is impressive.

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Also side ejection unlike others that eject from the top.

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Presently out of the box it was a bit stiff but after a few dozen rounds its starting to limber up.

I have a Henry which I love but the tube magazine was always an issue with me personally.

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I presently own 28 different calibers and 32 rifles.

My point is solely based on what we expect of a +40 calibre and the performance of this round.