White book updating service

07-Jun-2016 00:30

If your Run Books aren’t up to date, consider an update to ensure your application ecosystem is highly available with minimal downtime and disruption.

Feel free to comment below and share your experiences and perspective around maintaining current Run Books.

An expert data analysis review generates the necessary reports that identify business process workflow diagrams and efficiencies in functionality and utilization across the application ecosystem.

These reports will populate a new or existing CMDB repository, an asset management database to help ensure IT operations such as release, problem, change, and configuration management run efficiently and effectively.

Run Books are the key source of information for many tasks, ranging from incident and change management to virtual machine life-cycle management to making backups and assuring business continuity.

This service helps articulate business and IT alignment down to the individual application level, providing application maintenance and server source information, to support workflows and business productivity.

Before Google and other search engines made it easy to just type a name into your browser and see hundreds of results (including information such as phone number and address), physical phone books comprised of white and yellow pages served as one of the only means of finding a person's number and address in the 20th century.

Run Book updating services help reduce downtime hours attributed to problems and incidents.

Efficiencies created as a result of implementing Run Book updating result in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) of applications.

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However, a key issue is Run Books typically aren’t kept up to date as systems change, making it difficult to find the information and resources needed to manage your data center, especially in the event of outages.

Why Run Book Updating Matters IT outages have a significant impact on company resources.

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