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16-Jul-2015 02:38

Even Deadpool didn’t have the same personality of the Remy Le Beau Channing Tatum is going to be taking on.

Kinberg said this movie is going to be a heist film, which is something they’ve never really done before.

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Anti-heroes are becoming the next big thing in comic book movies, and it sure seems as though this will be one of this flicks that has a character people aren’t going to like at first.

Because of that, the group behind the flick wanted to make sure they got it just right.

Channing Tatum will be playing what is basically a con man who uses his special powers to help rip people off.

There was some talk that once the movie was yanked it, the Gambit film wouldn’t be put back in the rotation at all, but it appears Channing Tatum is carrying enough clout these days that production is going to move forward.

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, Simon Kinberg shed some more light on the upcoming Channing Tatum flick.

Of course, Channing Tatum will likely take the character to a place where they will find a bit of redemption.