Who has melyssa ford dating oracle auto updating

04-Dec-2014 05:56

You’re financial life is kinda a lil bit of a mess.I had to take what I had left, because I had not been investing in my brand.Ford was out late drinking “coffee” with her gal pals in NYC when our photog spotted her.She was all smiles until the conversation turned to her old 'BS&H' co-star Geneva Thomas, who smashed Melyssa over the head with a bottle.

I no longer cared about it.” Even though she left the video game, she didn’t stop dating high-profile players and she says her last relationship with Flo’Rida was trouble from the start. We have nothing in common and uh, our conversation was pretty limited. “For three years, I wouldn’t have no contact with him. He was dating Eva (Marcille).” She also shot down rumors that she was only dating the rapper for his money.

We met in 2008, we dated for about a month and that was when he was brand new. “Whatever he had in his bank account had no baring on why he was there,” she said.