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I love a lot of older rock music, so this is kind of an incorporation of that with some more modern elements. Next month, you'll be performing in the Hamptons to raise money for women's health and cancer research. I really like to do things with families and with children, so I was really excited to get to do this.

Or Steven Tyler, because I know he's still doing his thing and he's amazing.

Tori shakingly reached for the remote, ignoring the mess of popcorn, and pressed the pause button - standing up, wrapping the red fleece blanket around her thin body and shuffling her feet over to the staircase, bursting out laughing when she remembered dragging her older sister Trina up the stairs, the day before she actually sung Freak the Freak Out at that karoke club.

She was innocently watching a bootleg copy of Scream 4 stuffing her face with Italian seasoning popcorn, and as soon as she heard her signature ringtone 'Freak the Freak Out' blaring all the way from her bedroom, Tori screamed at the top of her lungs and threw the bowl of popcorn in the air; all the popcorn splaying across the dark glossy wooden floor of the living room and all over the couch.

Cause I can't get through to you, so what's it gonna be? The sudden sound of an i Phone blaring all the way upstairs caught the attention of Tori - startling the silence in the empty house.

She saw that it was a text message from someone she hadn't talked to all week, since she was avoiding him - to avoid confrontation from the . She gnawed on her bottom lip, trying to prevent herself from smiling so wide and wickedly.

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But I've recently been listening to Fleet Foxes and they're really cool, so maybe I'd do something with them.It's a wonderful event; it usually draws an average of a thousand people, who raise approximately 0,000 annually. I love being a teen because you don't have all the responsibilities of an adult yet. This is corny, but I would tell myself to follow my path and persevere.Is there no sanity in the world to make her feel whole again? She wiggled her arm out of the blanket and pushed her door open, revealing her messy but awesomely decorated bedroom from when they first moved to Hollywood, California. She contemplated on what she should write back to Beck Oliver, the hottest guy to attend Hollywood Arts High School. He was dating the school's popular, goth girl - who hated Tori with the passion that she (Tori) loved sugar cookies, Jade West.Who can she turn to when her parents drop some news on her not long after her own tragedy struck? Lazily, Tori shuffled her feet along the white shag rug of her bedroom across the room to her twin bed, dumping her black and silver star-printed down-filled comforter onto the floor and snatching her black i Phone from the purple bed sheets and sat down, scrolling through her text messages. Tori's unmanicured fingers hovered over the buttons, silently debating with herself once more before writing back to him, not wanting to keep him waiting any longer. Tori knew she'd regret typing up and sending those four letters in her text message, but as soon as Beck's response came back moments later, Tori simply didn't care anymore.

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I felt so much older when I turned 18 and I really do feel like an adult now. If you're passionate about something and stick with it, even if your friends aren't doing it, it'll pay off. She's gone through death, loss, & pain since she'd gotten pregnant. Tell me what I get opposite, opposite; show me what is real, if it breaks does it heal? Tori walked up the stairs carefully, stiffling her laughter as she walked up the glass steps that leads onto the second story of her empty home.

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