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You don't have any proof whatsoever of dahvie doing such things and for two I'm pretty sure if you did show something it'd be fake so shove your own tampon up your ass because its raining bloody bullshit everywhere think before you fucking assume. I went to my dresser and picked out a rainbow tie dye shirt and black pants. I was walking on the side walk when I heard someone yell for me. He’s afraid to love in fear of getting another broken heart. Jayy came down a few seconds later and came up to hu Whoever Said You Were Top ??

Dahvie and Jayy Dahvie I was watching the television when the phone rang. I went back to my mirror and looked over my outfit. I looked at the clock and saw that it was six forty five. I stopped and turned around to face them Jahvie Valentines Day I can’t believe I’m doing this for him. Here I am getting him flowers, box of chocolates, and a card for Valentines day. Jayyx Dahvie"Jayy..."I groan and roll over, slightly annoyed as Dahvie speaks from my doorway. " I mumble into my pillow."I had a bad dream..." he replies in a small voice, making any annoyance I was feeling go away immediately.

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Jayy has said in interviews more than once that he lost his virginity to a boy age 14 and also he was 15 i think whwn he met dahvie but not when he joined botdf. I found the room and walked up to the door and knocked. "Hey buddy." I walked up to Jayy and he looked at me and smiled lightly. I shouldn't have been driving out late at night." He said to me.

I am not meaning to be rude but im just wondering how u git this info and if u are really sure it was the real jayy von that you were talking to. Jahvie First Date Jayy POVI can’t believe I’m going on my first date with Dahvie. I decided to go with a black tank top with a skater boy jacket over top, with black skinny jeans. I took one last look in the mirror and decided I looked perfect.

I ran down stairs and grabbed a pop tart and my book bag."Bye mom! It sort of became a regular thing whenever he did, him coming into my room with me. He nods and comes over to the bed and slips underneath the blankets with me. The difference between tonight and all those other times before is: Tonight, I was sleeping naked."J-Jayy?

Since the nightmares have gone away, I've sort of missed it. " he stammers, and I can make out his blush in the dim light."Yes?

A lot of the answers here sound spot on with what jayy would say its just some of them seem a bit off. Why are you pretending to be Jayy Von and giving false information? I’m surprised I worked up my courage to tell him that I liked him more than a friend. I walked into my bathroom and rummaged through my medicine cabinet for some make up. I spiked my hair up a bit, and then I washed my hands. Just one last addition: a necklace that is an upside down cross, that Dahvie got me for my birthday. A couple minutes went by and he starts coming down the stairs. I took in his appearance as he was descending down the Innocent High Story (chap 1)Dahvie POVI woke up to my alarm clock ringing.

One example is when you said you joined the band at age 15 even though Jayy Von was born in 1991 and joined in 2009 1991 + 18 = 2009 meaning he was 18 when he joined which also means that you either suck at math or are making shit up and thats very creepy because you are apparently gonna see some of these people irl but you arent who you say you are Seriously don't understand why anyone even relates to this band or likes this band anymore. Today's the first day of my senior year of high school. After I finished my shower I walked to my vanity mirror and started to brush my hair.

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