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And when you’ve been doing it for a while and get over the terror of whether you’re ever going to do it again you can relax into it and accept, ‘OK there’s something bigger and greater than me.’ ” At the height of his Miami Vice fame Johnson was, in his words, “the sex idol of the universe”; he was even invited to the White House by the Reagans, who reportedly wanted his help with drug policy.

He studied acting on a scholarship at the University of Kansas.

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There’s the one that everyone knows best – rolled-up-sleeved Versace jackets, espadrilles no socks, as Sonny Crockett in the Eighties television detective series Miami Vice.But there’s also a musical career – recording with Barbra Streisand and on stage in Guys and Dolls – and a rediscovery by Quentin Tarantino who cast him as plantation owner Big Daddy Bennett in Django Unchained.His face chiselled, his eyes searching, he is incredibly handsome and could pass for 15 years younger than his 64.I have just seen him in his new film, the low-budget noir Cold in July, where he looks very different.

We are in what Don Johnson calls his music room: grand piano, several guitars, pale-blue velvet armchairs and a view of a pale-blue Pacific Ocean. He lives there with his wife, Kelley, who is impressively tall with long dark hair, whom he calls Miss Kelley (she calls him DJ) and their three children, Grace, 14, Jasper, 12, and Deacon, eight.Johnson is relaxed in tracksuit bottoms and blue T-shirt.