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Seriously, if we had a nickel for every horror movie Dimension Films acquired and than sat on for years on end, we could run to the bank and trade them in for a crisp five dollar bill. In other words, this macabre tale of body horror and child murder is, retroactively, now the work of a filmmaker who has many eyes upon him.Watching the trailer again (and it is one disturbing trailer) is a weird experience.premiered to generally negative responses at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, but a release of some kind of was inevitable.Zombie is too big of a name to let bad reviews stop him.In a Facebook post, Zombie revealed that the film will receive a theatrical release on September 16, 2016. The film is executed in true stylistic Zombie fashion.

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Zombie is also the kind of filmmaker whose misses are as interesting as hits hits – , which follows a group of carnival workers who are abducted and tossed into a compound where they must survive twelve hours against a gang of psychopathic clowns, follow suit? Still unanswered is whether or not Zombie managed to snag that R rating.However, the more intriguing of these two films is , which has been sitting on a shelf for some time now. Anyway, when the first trailer for the film was released over a year ago, the chief selling point was producer Eli Roth. Since then, director Jon Watts helmed the well-regarded and landed the next Spider-Man movie. Well, probably because the movies have taught us that clowns tend to be insane murderers at best and child-devouring supernatural entities at worst.Anyone willing to put on a red nose and a wig, cinema says, is someone you should not trust.

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But hey, at least they make pretty solid fodder for horror movies and it’s starting to look like 2016 will be a banner year for the “evil clowns kill a bunch of people” subgenre., the latest film from director Rob Zombie, has been acquired by Saban Films. Here’s the statement from Saban Films president Bill Bromiley:31 is a treat not just to horror fans, but fans of true auteur filmmaking.

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