Who is goldust dating

27-Apr-2015 04:29

I was in the Jameson VIP booth because that’s just the kind of bastard I am.

They pray to arcane and pagan gods, and writhe among each other in a chaotic and sybaritic mass of flesh and sex-fluid, before joining together in demonic chorus of intertwining screams -- spinning the Great Wheel to determine what shall be thrust on China’s entertainment alter this week.

If the last match was Not-The-Rock meeting a Should-Be-Retired-Object, this one made up for it. He went on and on for like 20 minutes, doing his “I’m not a stupid idiot, you’re a stupid idiot” thing with the crowd. Good match between these two aging wrasslin' superstars.

I missed this one because I was doing that whole what-the-hell-gate-are-we-supposed-to-be-at thing and was waiting for someone inside to run out with my ticket.

We got a bird’s eye view of the action, plus the option to DDT 40rmb beers and bottles of Jameson and Ballantine's.

The earth cracked open in Pudong and John Cena emerged from the hell fire into the Mercedes Benz Arena. ”For the millllionnnsss…..” - The Rock The squared circle was set up in the middle of the area with a big runway cutting a swath through the crowd that the WWE superstars would make their entrances on. Big flatscreen hovering in the air as if by magic over the ring.

Long story long, the Great Wheel stopped on WWE Pro Wrestling last Saturday. I would even go so far as to call it, totally bitchin'. Unless he’s a bad guy these days then BOO SHEAMUS YOUSUCKDIEDIEDIE. Here’s a picture of some men with world domination in their eyes: Oh my god, Goldust! So, Goldust hams it up for a bit, then struggles to his feet, laboriously raises his arm into the air to the crowd, and is met with enthusiastic cheers and applause -- every inch the beaten gladiator, still noble in defeat, covered in glitter.