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14-Feb-2016 10:28

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“I lived in the mansion for five years,” recalled Wilkinson. While Wilkinson confessed that she was unfaithful to Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy, she also contends that she showed her respect for him by keeping her romances outside the mansion rather than bringing her hookups home with her. But she isn’t going to cheat on her husband, she emphasized.

“I wasn’t there for romantic reasons or marital reasons like Holly [Madison] was. “Look, I wasn’t trying to marry him,” pointed out Kendra. I had respect by not going public with any of my relationships.” Moreover, Wilkinson is adamant in stressing that she took her dates to hotels rather than have hookups at the Playboy Mansion. last year to recover from the split in their relationship. Instead, Kendra revealed that she does not want to get pregnant again because she does not want to stop drinking. “Any chance I get, I’m drinking.” Life still has challenges for Kendra.

The fifth season of “KENDRA ON TOP” premieres with back-to-back episodes Friday, April 1 at 9 PM ET/PT on WE tv.

It’s no secret the relationship, or lack thereof, between Kendra and her mother Patti has proven to be toxic.

A last minute trip to the Sundance Film Festival with best friend Jessica Hall has them shacking up with former Playboy Playmate and alleged friend-of-Holly Madison, Jayde Nicole.

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Now Kendra has a newfound confidence and a slew of burgeoning opportunities that will bring her career to new heights.However, as she manages to take positive steps forward in her life, family drama causes her to take two steps back.“I swear on my two kids I never hooked up with one person in the mansion while being with Hef,” vowed Kendra. I would go to hotels down the street.” Married to husband Hank Baskett since 2009, Wilkinson has endured multiple problems in her marriage. Since then, Wilkinson revealed that she has learned that jealousy only hurts. At one point, Hank allegedly had an incident with a transsexual woman, for example. “Jealousy takes away from life, anger takes away from life, revenge, any of that s–t takes away from life,” pointed out Kendra.

This season, Patti threatens to write a “tell-all” book which leaves Kendra seeing red. Kendra also continues to build her relationship with her father, Eric but struggles to fully accept his new wife, Amy.In the premiere episode, Kendra’s new management team drops a bomb they’ve gotten word there’s interest in putting together an unexpected reunion which would include two of her archrivals.