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He was taken with the 16 year old girl's beauty (she was skipping classes at Hollywood High School) and referred her to Zeppo Marx, who at this point was a major agent.

Zeppo hooked her up with Mervyn Le Roy and history was made.

The relationship between Stompanato and Turner was stormy. And confront her he did, on set, with a gun, which he pointed at Connery.

As Hollywood struggled with the advent of television and the Supreme Court ruling that forced Hollywood studios to drop their ownership of theater chains.

The whole system was changing, never to be the same, and for Lana Turner it looked like the end of her career had come.

Lana Turner's discovery is one of the foundation legends of Hollywood.

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But it wasn't until 1946, with , that it became clear that Turner was a real, true, major talent and not just a sweater-stuffer.The good times didn't last; after some flops and underperformers, Turner found her contract with MGM terminated in 1956.

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