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23-Jan-2016 18:18

Lance was adopted by Terry Armstrong, his mother's second husband. Kristin and Lance met in January 1997 at the "Ride for the Roses" charity event.His father, Eddie Gunderson, walked out on his mother, Linda, when Lance was two years old. The event was a few weeks after Lance completed intense chemotherapy to treat testicular cancer.My kids are three years old and five years old and in three months they change completely and I'm not prepared to do that again."Source: 4/24/2004. I guess maybe I protected her a little bit from that.”Source: Christian Red.They are the ones that make it easier to suffer, but they are the ones who have told me that it's time to come home.

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The separation and divorce of Lance and Kristin Armstrong surprised many people.Here is information about the couple's marriage relationship.