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19-Jul-2016 17:06

He was certainly very much in the spotlight much before Korean dramas became as popular as they are today. And while I wouldn’t consider him the best Taiwanese actor, he’s definitely my favorite kisser and there’s just something about him that makes me want to watch him in dramas. And even though Korean dramas have really taken off at this point, I’d say it’s safe to admit that Mike He might be one of the reasons I respect (and still like!

If I had discovered him as a teenager photos and pictures of him would have probably been plastered all over my walls. He ends up playing basketball in a lot of his dramas. Out of all the Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese actors, to me he is the most attractive. Was it difficult for me to prepare and shoot this video? “Drunken Laughter Kisses” The drama ‘Marry Me’ with Queena Liu 1.

But as it was I’m pretty sure he lived on my desktop wallpaper, at least for a short period of time. I can remember watching him at least two years before I came here. The drama ‘Bullfighting’ that he was in was all about that.

And when paired with Rainie Yang, I proceeded to follow that by watching their next drama together ‘Why Why Love’. “The Underwater Scuba Kiss” The drama ‘Love Contract’ with Ariel Lin 3.

I even downloaded that one to my mp3 player and watched it repeatedly. He has also played a lot of ‘son of a rich man’ type roles, and he loves basketball. “I’m trying to sleep but you’re in my bed kiss” The drama ‘Sunny Happiness’ with Janine Chang 2.

Birthday blues: The actor celebrated his 24th birthday on Thursday and posted a selfie of his model girlfriend puckering her lips, which he captioned 'Wish my wifey was hear on my bday !!!

One of the first Taiwanese dramas I discovered had Mike He in it.

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