Who is new york tiffany dating now

06-Feb-2015 12:48

Mostly just appear wherever and whenever someone was willing to pay her to be herself, it seems.

(You can find out how much one of those appearances goes for these days here.) Can you actually imagine Tiffany “New York” Pollard donning an apron, or working a cash register, or generally doing anything at any time on anyone else’s terms besides her own? Whether you like her or not, every time she threatens to fight somebody on TV, you’re watching the American Dream in action.

She then moved onto three seasons of I Love New York, followed by two seasons of New York Goes to Hollywood and Celebrity Big Brother UK, when she famously had a meltdown after mistakenly thinking housemate David Gest had died, when in fact it was David Bowie who passed away.

Even those dating-show contestants defined by their professional lives—the hot lawyer, the hot doctor, the ambiguously defined ‘entrepreneur’ who’s either deeply in debt or a drug dealer, etc.—always have a faint whiff of unemployment about them.

Well, as Dolly Parton once said, “it takes a lot of money to look this cheap.” And so, after her turn on Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year, Pollard’s back to host a new reality dating show.This particular series, The Ex, hinges on two twists: First, that each episode will feature exes competing to find new love from the same pool of eligible bachelors, and second, that all of said bachelors will be gay men.