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30-Jul-2016 19:43

I’m gonna be 100 percent honest with you in this interview. And yet, again, I’m not afraid to get into the audition room with these big directors and audition for them. You get to really show your creativity in independent films — I love big-budget films, don’t get me wrong! What is the biggest thing you learned in your rise to fame, as it were? I was so thrilled and excited to get the role of Tracy Turnblad. I went to the Neil Simon Theatre to see it for my 15th birthday. ” My 16th birthday came and I auditioned, but they didn’t want to get a tutor on set for the show. I went around the world with Zac [Efron] and my mom. I’m not afraid — I look at myself not as a celebrity but as a regular person who’s just trying to get a job. I always say that every audition is an opportunity — even if you don’t get the part, you get to play that character for five minutes in the audition. We’re doing this interview over the phone because you live on Long Island. One major thing I learned in my initial rise to fame — as you would say it, not as I would say it — is to remain yourself and always stay yourself. “I was out of work for a while,” she told Salon, ruefully chuckling.“I was kind of sad.” Indeed, when we asked Blonsky to comment on rumors that she had been working as a cosmetologist and shoe saleswoman, her publicist cut us off and indicated that Blonsky shouldn’t answer.You’re releasing a bunch of projects all at once this year. I’d been playing teenagers for so long because I’m so short. If people want Nikki Blonsky, they’re gonna get Nikki Blonsky. Talk a little about trying to make it in Hollywood as a plus-size actress. ” The roles I’ve played before have been kind of delicate. In “Geography Club,” for instance, I play a lesbian. Lainie has given me so much advice about this business.

But a reason for her protracted unemployment lies in the very nature of her rise to fame; Blonsky was plucked from obscurity to star in “Hairspray” and play Tracy Turnblad, a heavyset teen in segregated Baltimore.

(The 2007 film was the second onscreen take on the material; the original version starred Ricki Lake.) It’s difficult for plus-size actresses to have long careers; while Melissa Mc Carthy, older than Blonsky, has been able to make herself the butt of the joke, there simply aren’t very many roles for actresses heavier than size 4.