Who is scott sartiano dating

13-Jul-2016 03:18

Boyfriends and Spouses Topher Grace (1999 to 2001): Known for his work as an American actor, Topher Grace began dating Anne Hathaway in 1999, and they remained together until 2001.

Although they are no longer together, the exes actually managed to star together in the 2010 film, Valentine’s Day.

Raffaello Follieri (2004 to 2008): Raffaello is known for his work as an Italian entrepreneur and real estate developer. Near the end of their relationship, Follieri was found guilty for violating agreements with his investors and was told to serve four years in prison.

Between the time apart and the negative press, Anne Hathaway ended her relationship with him.

James Holzier (2001 to 2002): Beginning in 2001, there were some rumors that James Holzier and Anne Hathaway were together.

Scott Sartiano (2002): Scott Sartiano is a restaurateur and exists in an entirely different world than Hathaway.

Even though they have different backgrounds, they were together for a while in 2002.

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