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Kashmir Ki Kali Sharmila Tagore and former India captain Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, who was known as Tiger for his electrifying fielding despite loss of vision in his right eye, were the first celebrity couple from Bollywood and cricket. Though Tiger developed an instant liking for her and proposed pretty soon, it was not until after several years that the Bengali beauty responded positively. Since they were from different communities, their families opposed to their proposed marriage.They relented after a bit of cajoling and persuasion and Sharmila and Tiger went on to enjoy a very happy and model married life.For the bond between Bollywood and cricket is very old.And so are the affairs between cricketers and filmstars.It should be interesting to see whether Anushka and Kohli will get married.And if they do, their married life will be closely followed and observed by many over-enthusiastic, self-styled custodians of society masquerading as fans. There have been quite a few instances of cricketers and movie personalities tying the knot; but there are only a couple of peaceful, successful marriages in reality.

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But the couple broke up in 1984 and the marriage ended in divorce in 1990.

He finally married his Australian girlfriend, Pru Kirby, in September 1969, but not before informing Anju and seeking her permission.

Anju wrote a nice letter and generously released Sobers from the engagement.

Years later, remembering the affair fondly and describing Anju as "so beautiful and such a nice person", Sobers revealed in his autobiography that if he had taken her to England for marriage as he "intended", he would have had to deposit "a certain amount of money in the Reserve Bank as a sort of dowry".

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli having an affair is not a new or surprising phenomenon.Nor will they be the last couple from Bollywood and cricket to have a close relationship.