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21-Apr-2015 16:13

star married Tim Rosenmann Saturday in Palm Springs, Calif., E! Port wore a custom-fit wedding dress by Ashi Couture while rings were provided by Tacori. Whitney, 30, first met her future hubby while filming her MTV reality series.

She worked with stylist Lara Backmender to perfect her look for the big day."They married at sunset and it was so romantic! "I got his phone number and made up some excuse why I needed to reach him for something... He's not shy, but I know in his past with girls he had difficult making the first move.""And I know, because of our jobs—because I was the talent and he was the producer—he wasn't going to cross that line," she explained.

Next thing I know, someone from MTV is calling me, and telling me that I need to get a casting tape.”“We were very much part-time interns,” Port reveals.

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“And all of us have been able to have such bright futures because of it, and do things that we would have never had the opportunity to do.And I would have never met my husband, which is the most amazing thing!“I was like, ‘OK, let me think about this,’” Port recalls.“So, I did some good, long, hard thinking and I was like, alright, I'm down …

“I don't let people walk all over me, and I will stand up for myself, and I don't think that that necessarily came through on the show,” Port says.

“Especially towards the end, I was sort of 'the victim,' like everything was happening to me and I was just letting it happen to me, and that really is not who I am in real life.”“It was a really, really cool opportunity and a very unique one,” she reflects.