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08-May-2015 01:15

But, like the world of digital dating, it takes more than one side’s interest to make a move.The Dodgers would now need to work out a trade with this unknown-to-us suitor and there’s no guarantee they would do that.How is Yasiel Puig’s exile at Triple-A Oklahoma City going? Puig is also hitting a healthy .375/.420/.641 at Triple-A, so he’s taken his recent demotion about as well as you could have possibly expected him to.

However, that doesn’t mean the embattled outfielder is necessarily on the move.

He’s also been pretty good in Triple-A (.369 with a 1.045 OPS, four homers and 12 RBIs in 18 games), so maybe that’s restored some hope from L. On Tuesday, after the Puig waiver news hit, Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal said you shouldn’t count on a trade either.

The Dodgers will still probably wait out the market, Rosenthal said, and see if they can get a better deal from someone else down the road.

Nevertheless, it’s unclear if he’ll get a recall when rosters expand on Sept. He’s almost certainly available in a trade, though reports vary as to how much the Dodgers are demanding in exchange for him.

The economic principle in play here: They can get more for Puig from an open market than dealing one-on-one with a team making a waiver claim, which might just be looking to score Puig for a price in the neighborhood of free-99.The upshot here: Suppose we’ll find out just how eager the Dodgers are to get rid of Puig, won’t we?