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Jesse’s first deer taken with a bow was taken a year later when she killed a Pope & Young buck that measured 127. Derek told her: “He’s a little further than you’re comfortable shooting. ” Jesse answered: “Of course I can.” and let her arrow fly. For more than a year they watched the buck come to a bean and turnip field like “clockwork” and joked that they each hoped to get the “Chance” to take the brute.

Jesse and Derek saw Chance from their stand on the first night of the 2015 bow season. “He came in just when we thought he would.” Unfortunately, Chance didn’t come to within bow range of the stand.

The two gambled and moved their stand to a spot they hoped would produced better results. Rather, it was a smaller 10-point that came in to challenge the buck that was already in the field. He entered the field and Jesse took a broadside shot. Jesse and Derek have plenty of future hunts planned, and she hopes to one day take an even bigger buck…

On Sunday night, Jesse and Derek were watching a buck feed when Jesse heard some movement in the woods behind her.

Everybody wanna know who 50 done signed/ And who he is, what he 'bout, where he from, can he rhyme/ Is he real, is he fake, is he true, is he lyin'/Did this Young Buck really get shot two times?

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Jesse’s introduction to hunting began at Missouri State University where she met her future husband Derek.

The two began dating and when hunting season approached, Derek told his non-hunting girlfriend, “Either you hunt with me or you won’t see me.” Jesse followed Derek afield and has been hooked every since. Jesse and Derek began seeing a monster buck on the trail cameras they kept at the property they hunted.