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There's also a resemblance, facially, though there's nothing on Landis's profile here to acknowledge his past acting gigs.

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She's pictured here with fellow teen star Cody Linley, who also had a minor role in While no longer a Baker* or an actor anymore, Smith is instead mostly baked these days — in that his Twitter feed is filled with retweets from accounts like @Weed Code, @Toker Supply, and @Tha Stoner Nation.

(He also enjoys retweeting fans admitting their childhood crush on him, because that sort of thing has to be nice.)Like his character from the film, however, he apparently does still skate a bunch, as well as skis and snowboards.*He does work in a pizzeria though.

Lorraine was a fabulous character, even if it's hard to accept Hilary Duff as a "Lorraine," really; she just doesn't look like one, you know?

Arguably one of the most famous names in the movie at the time, Hilary's star hasn't waned since — and in particular, nowadays, she's going through a twee former child star's rebellion aka that dyed hair (and the adult plot lines that feature on her new show, Schmidt played second son and the token chubby Baker; make all the cookie dough jokes, I'm cool with it.

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Jessica Baker, played by Liliana Mumy Mumy continues to act regularly in TV shows you maybe, probably haven't heard of.

Her Instagram feed is prototypically twentysomething — food porn, selfies, a cute pet, motivational quotes.

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