Why am i so intimidating secret online dating tips

22-Jun-2016 22:01

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Leadership by influence, rather than intimidation, is noble but messy.

Unwillingness to acknowledge the perception of others prevents you from dealing with unintended intimidation.

This vulnerability to feeling threatened has effects at many levels, ranging from individuals, couples, and families to schoolyards, organizations, and nations.

Whether it's an individual who worries about the consequences of speaking up at work or in a close relationship, a family cowed by a scary parent, a business fixated on threats instead of opportunities, or a country that's routinely told it's under "Threat Level Orange" - it's the same human brain that reacts in all cases.

To pass on your genes, you've got to find food, have sex, and cooperate with others to help the band's children (particularly yours) to have children of their own: these are big carrots in the Serengeti.

(The "hows" in this JOT are mainly about understanding.) The nervous system has been evolving for 600 million years, from ancient jellyfish to modern humans.Our ancestors had to make a critical decision many times a day: approach a reward or avoid a hazard - pursue a carrot or duck a stick. Imagine being a hominid in Africa a million years ago, living in a small band.

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