Why bother with online dating

12-Dec-2015 21:18

If I do come back as a guy and wind up on at this same age I am now, 72, or even older, and write in my profile as so many men do, that I want to meet women "35 to 45" or some equally inappropriate age ranges, please just kill me. When I read her comment, I also wondered if this woman would give this advice to men about not bothering to look for love one last time.This one, though, made me sad, because of what I see as her resignation.

In the comments section of my blog, a question one reader posed just stopped me in my tracks.Her comment: "When are we (and by 'we' I assume she mainly meant me) going to finally stop looking for a new man for this latter part of our lives when so many of us have already created such full, busy, fulfilling, wonderful lives?