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26-May-2016 10:05

I signed in almost immediately, because I love my channels dearly.

Doing so was elegant – no typing your password using an on-screen keyboard here.

The built-in search means you can quickly find any You Tube video quickly. And considering that, for many, the Wii is the only Internet-capable device connected to their TV, I’m sure it will see some use for just that.

It’s just a shame this didn’t exist…you know…years ago.

You’ll need a computer or phone handy to sign in, but you only need to once.

Explore your channels, again using the + and – buttons to browse completely lists One thing that’s really nice: You Tube for Wii will keep playing after a video ends.

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Nintendo released an update for the Wii Shop Channel earlier this month; you’ll need to install it in order to download You Tube. It only updates the Wii Shop channel, and won’t affect the Homebrew Channel, assuming you followed my Wii homebrew tutorial In ancient times, running homebrew software required owning a specific game and corrupting its save data to run an exploit. The most recent hack, which has been working for a year now,... If you’ve been messing with things outside my tutorial, however, like installing a custom IOS or playing backup copies of games, proceed with caution as always.

It’s insanely late for Nintendo and You Tube to be offering this – something around 2007 would have brought You Tube to the medium.